Fuel for helicopters and drones

We have years of experience as a regular supplier to the military defense in Scandinavia and Poland. We produce our fuel for helicopters in our production facilities in Copenhagen and we deliver qualities with flash points such as F-34 and F-44 (NATO Code). As of recently, we also produce and supply F18 fuel for drones.

All our products have high flash points, which ensures maximum security when refueling helicopters. Therefore, our quality products are ideal for medical helicopters or the offshore industry that requires refueling in populated areas.
Our products are mixed by competent employees at our production facilities in Copenhagen. Raw materials and finished products are handled in a unique closed system to avoid contamination and to ensure high quality throughout the process. In the process we send up to 3 tests for analysis before approving our product for delivery. To withhold the high quality we keep our products in our tanks for a maximum of 6 months.

Because we have our own separate system, own storage facilities and own production employees Absalon Resources is always able to provide our customers with products within 24 hours.